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Conflict is inevitable. Circumstances change. Accidents happen. Relationships sour. Promises can be hard (or inefficient) to keep. Although the state and federal justice systems aspire to provide a fair process through which to adjudicate disputes, in the vast majority of situations, out-of-court settlements mutually agreed to by the parties will leave everyone healthier, wealthier, and wiser. And in international cases, when there is no advantageous forum through which to resolve your dispute, mediation or arbitration may be the only viable option. When agreement seems impossible, bringing in a third-party neutral to facilitate communication and a path to consensus is often the key to avoiding the time and expense of trial, or worse. No matter your type of dispute, Amanda can help you chart a path to agreement.


Play to Win

Whether you are facing a settlement conference, an armistice, or a merger, the strongest weapon you bring to the negotiating table is thorough preparation. At a minimum, smart bargaining requires an unvarnished understanding of your own interests and a methodical survey of your options. The best negotiators, however, execute most of their strategies long before the parties sit down to bargain. We will help you identify creative solutions, optimize your alternatives, and develop your relationships with relevant stakeholders, including the public, so that the success of your negotiation is assured before you even sit down at the bargaining table.

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Expert Guidance

Where did you first learn how to handle disagreement?  Who taught you how to manage conflict?  In whatever organization you find yourself, what systems are in place for smooth and fair resolution of disputes?  If you cannot articulate answers to these questions, there is a strong chance that you or your organization has room to grow in conflict management.  Partner with Amanda through her one-on-one coaching and group seminars.  Or invite her into your organization to co-create an effective dispute resolution process so that you can spend more time focused on your core business and less time dealing with the human dynamics that inevitably arise.

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