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Third-party neutrals are often brought in to a lawsuit or an organization after a conflict has grown and festered to a point where an easy solution seems unattainable.  This delay in addressing the issue is the result of our hesitation to address conflict head-on and our inability to address conflict productively.  Amanda will help you build your conflict-resolution skills through coaching, training, and systems design to save you time and money so that you can focus on achieving your organization's important goals.


Increase your conflict resolution competence. One-on-one coaching is a highly customizable tool designed to improve your ability to handle conflicts productively.  Talk through specific conflicts you face or broaden your skillset generally for handling personal or professional conflicts with grace.


Give your team the tools they need.  All organizations can benefit from increasing their employees' knowledge base about negotiations and conflict resolution.  With trainings ranging from "Negotiate Smarter" to "Mediate Your Own Conflicts," you can help your organization address small issues before they become big ones.


Is your organization equipped with fair processes to manage conflict productively and smoothly? With an effective dispute resolution system in place, your organization can reduce the cost of conflicts, lower the stakes of disputes, and increase buy-in and morale from your employees.

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