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Amanda Hinson is a former litigation attorney who realized she could do more good by helping people reach agreements than she could in leading her clients to legal “victory.”

Trained at Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Amanda practiced law at a national litigation firm before shifting her focus to the study of human dynamics. Having observed not only the inefficiencies of time and money in litigation but also the morale-lowering office politics in corporate life, she began to investigate the psychology of human interactions. When family circumstances took her abroad to live in Prague, she also explored the world of international relations together with cross-cultural communications and negotiations. Upon returning to the United States, Amanda pursued her Mediation Certificate at Northwestern University. With a multidisciplinary background spanning law and psychology as well as professional experience in marketing and political communications, Amanda is perfectly poised to assist clients as both a third-party neutral and as a dogged advocate and teacher.

As a mediator, Amanda prides herself on helping her parties find their voices to articulate their interests and generate mutually beneficial solutions. As a negotiation advocate, Amanda surveys the bargaining landscape and determines the pressure points that will enhance her clients’ positions and provide the structure to win opposing parties’ agreement. And as a coach and teacher, Amanda wants nothing more than to help her clients become more effective and facile negotiators in their everyday lives, improving their productivity and relationships at work and at home.

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Harvard College, A.B., Physics

Harvard Law School, J.D.

Northwestern University, Certificate in Mediation

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Professional Affiliations

Mediators Beyond Borders, Peace Builder

Texas Association of Mediators, Member

Association for Conflict Resolution, Member

State Bar of Texas, Inactive Member

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